Who is willing to wait?

We see it all the time, the black woman supporting her man, waiting for him to rise above trials. She is patient , loving, adds no pressure, and settles for the same damn dinner every night.

Men love this, their woman waiting while they get their shit together.

Sometimes however the men are prepared, their ducks are in a row while they meet a woman who is getting her life together……

How many men wait with the same loving attitudes?

Often times women are discouraged, complained about, and even ridiculed by their men for their process, their process of self fulfillment. They are seen as financial burdens, not attentive enough, and wasting time.

Is a black woman on the rise too much?

The answer is NO! You are worth it, You are amazing, and You will succeed!

This goes for all women.

Sincerely, Tee

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