My Kid has no Chill…NONE

I kid you not, I think he will run away if I do not chase after him!

wild child

Toddler (definition): a little human placed on earth to test your patience and make a mess.

Parenthood has definitely changed me . I remember spending all of my free time sleeping, changing my hair ever so often, and shopping ; prior to motherhood.  If only I can have an uninterrupted minute nowadays.

K: “Mummy”

K: “Mummy”

K: “Mummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!”

Me: “Yes Kael”

K: “Uppppp”

Me: “But I don’t want to get up right now, I want to be lazy”

Try telling that to a toddler who wants you to go outside with him to pick up his car that he threw out the window, along with most of his other toys.

Is this how all toddlers behave? Is my toddler just extra? Is it normal to have an energy filled, mess making, patience testing, little human that you love so much send you a bit crazy? I am starting to think that I got the no-chill kid.

Don’t get me wrong, my kid is awesome! He is the most loving, brave, adventurous child. But dang, it’s a lot of work trying to keep up.

Maybe its me and not him. Maybe he thinks I am an impatient, afraid of a little mess, not energized enough big human here to restrain his fun lol.

I am laughing writing this because I love all of it. I cannot imagine life not having my NO-CHILL little human! His cute mischief smile puts a smile on my face all the time. This stage will only last for so long, plus there is the terrible 2’s they call it right? We are approaching that so wish us luck!

What is your toddler’s personality? Share with us and let us know that we are not going a bit crazy alone….

Sincerely, Tee

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