You Keep Missin’ the Moment

Maybe I will be happier when I get a better job…


I think only when I move out on my own I will be able to focus on myself…

Not now, maybe in a couple of years when everything is exactly where I want it…

Are you hearing yourself?

Postponing your happiness, Delaying your dreams, putting off your desires. You really believe that your heart will be content in another moment?

Do not EVER make that mistake!

There will always be something else; another desire, another materialistic item, another relationship. If you keep postponing your happiness what will become of your life? Spending your life constantly waiting for another moment to be truly satisfied.

Looking back will be full of regrets. You would have missed the blessings of living in the moment and living with countless memories of always wanting to be somewhere else, with someone else, doing something else.

The best feeling is forgetting that huge to-do list that will annoy you tomorrow and living your best life NOW!

Live in the now, tomorrow God’s willing will be there for you to conquer.

Sincerely, Tee

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