Growing ALONE!

Yes alone…personal growth.

I was scared into independence. From an early age I felt the urge to do it on my own, you know, just in case I was left defenseless I would be good. I would have my own back. Don’t get me wrong I was lucky to have a support system; I was just worried because systems have a timeline. I see goals as extremely important, without goals you wander around aimlessly.

What are you doing? Where are you headed? What is the plan? What do you want?

Having no answers to those questions can make anyone worried and fearful of their future.

Now imagine: In the midst of your growth, someone else’s uncertainty is tied in to your journey of growth. Where does that leave you?

Confused? Worried? Doubtful?

This now leaves two confused beings; a recipe for disaster.

Your personal growth journey is for YOU. It is not healthy or fair to involve someone in your uncertainty after they have personally grown and is sure of their desires.

The outcome……

Wasted time, resentment, dead ends.

We all owe it to ourselves and others the grow alone before growing together. Figure out wants and hopes individually so that the compatibility test is figured out early.

Happy growing ALONE… Find out who YOU are!


Sincerely, Tee

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