A Slap in the Face

That’s what you get for showing a little love…


I have gotten bitten in the face here and there also. Oh, and he thinks its funny! My 2-year-old sure has a special way of saying ” I love you too” when he’s not up for using his words lol. If you have a toddler this may not be new to you.

While hitting is not condoned; not even for a toddler, persons show their love in different ways.

How do you show your kids love? These are 5 ways I say “I love you” to my not-so baby:

  1. I comfort him when he is hurt
  2. I say ‘No’ when necessary
  3. I correct him even though I know he have a meltdown
  4. I brush his teeth even when he gives me a hard time
  5. I simply tell him I love him – He says it back most times lol

Adults have problems expressing their emotions, therefore we cannot expect children to be verse in that area. While it can be difficult to be patient with your tantrum- throwing toddler * breathes in and out* just know that they are people too; little ones.

There are quite a lot of times that I cannot stifle my laughter when my child does something ridiculous. This weekend, he decided to pee in bucket while waiting to take a bath. At least he knows that something need to be there catch the pee and it does not go on the floor right?!

How can you not love kids? Even with the tantrums ever so often I love being a mama to my tiny human.

Let us know what you do to show your kids love!

Sincerely, Tee

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