How the HELL did she do that!?

Wait, I’m over here struggling to fit comfortably in my pre-pregnancy jeans 18 months postpartum with my one and only child; and this celebrity mama is in a bikini after baby number 3!


“All women’s body is different, every one can do it, just get a postpartum belly band”….blah blah blah.

Fact is, motherhood changes your life. Your time and Your needs are usually on the back burner while Your wants are thrown out the window, more like in the trash, then the trash gets taken away forever. Okay, maybe I am being dramatic lol!

Seriously though, it is difficult finding yourself as a woman after becoming a mother. Alone time is limited and you await your kid’s bedtime to have a long bath in peace.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my baby to the moon and back! But can I have a minute? or 5? or 2 hours to go to the gym three times  week?

Taking time for yourself may even feel selfish.

tired mom

How many times have you heard this? Plus I definitely leave home without looking in the mirror more times than I should. There is a constant battle between wanting to remain chubby and getting your ‘snapback’.

A word for you fellow mamas out there, this stage will not last forever even though it sure feels like it. In the meanwhile, do things to improve yourself  that takes minimum effort and time. Simple things to make your life easier and a bit healthier include the following:

  1. Change your diet– you can start with snacks. I love to snack so I switched the cupcakes and banana bread for mixed granola packs….some even come with yogurt and chocolate bits!Exotica Food Label Detective
  2. Plan your meals ahead– if you fail to prepare your own meals, chances are you will purchase something very yummy and unhealthy for lunch. I try to carry lunch to work at least 3-4 times a week; even if it’s the same thing!
  3. Create a schedule– listen, kids  will stay up all night if you let them be. For your sanity, set their bath, dinner and bedtime so that you have a moment to unwind on afternoons This give you time to workout if you choose to.
  4. Don’t pressure yourself due to your lifestyle, it may not be an option to visit the gym multiple times per week, that’s okay pull up Pinterest and do a home workout.
  5. Choose water– drink it, a lot  of it. If you’re not a fan of the plain taste , try fruit infused water.

In the midst of it all, enjoy the moment. With a happy toddler who drives me crazy and melts my heart at the same time, I will not change anything for the world.

P.S. I’m over here working on my snapback!

Sincerely, Tee

Who is willing to wait?

We see it all the time, the black woman supporting her man, waiting for him to rise above trials. She is patient , loving, adds no pressure, and settles for the same damn dinner every night.

Men love this, their woman waiting while they get their shit together.

Sometimes however the men are prepared, their ducks are in a row while they meet a woman who is getting her life together……

How many men wait with the same loving attitudes?

Often times women are discouraged, complained about, and even ridiculed by their men for their process, their process of self fulfillment. They are seen as financial burdens, not attentive enough, and wasting time.

Is a black woman on the rise too much?

The answer is NO! You are worth it, You are amazing, and You will succeed!

This goes for all women.

Sincerely, Tee

Power of Push or Pull…



Standing on the edge.
Your sweetheart may not know that they hold the power to push you over, or pull you back. Push you into a state of despair, or pull you into a place of warmth.
We never know where others may stand. Offer kind words of encouragement, make someone smile with a compliment.
But…what if, what if you’re tired of pulling? What if you pull only to get pushed in return?
Sometimes we try, we try to be there in many ways, but some may not be ready for the embrace. How long do we keep pulling? how long do we put ourselves out there to no avail?

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