A Slap in the Face

That’s what you get for showing a little love…


I have gotten bitten in the face here and there also. Oh, and he thinks its funny! My 2-year-old sure has a special way of saying ” I love you too” when he’s not up for using his words lol. If you have a toddler this may not be new to you.

While hitting is not condoned; not even for a toddler, persons show their love in different ways.

How do you show your kids love? These are 5 ways I say “I love you” to my not-so baby:

  1. I comfort him when he is hurt
  2. I say ‘No’ when necessary
  3. I correct him even though I know he have a meltdown
  4. I brush his teeth even when he gives me a hard time
  5. I simply tell him I love him – He says it back most times lol

Adults have problems expressing their emotions, therefore we cannot expect children to be verse in that area. While it can be difficult to be patient with your tantrum- throwing toddler * breathes in and out* just know that they are people too; little ones.

There are quite a lot of times that I cannot stifle my laughter when my child does something ridiculous. This weekend, he decided to pee in bucket while waiting to take a bath. At least he knows that something need to be there catch the pee and it does not go on the floor right?!

How can you not love kids? Even with the tantrums ever so often I love being a mama to my tiny human.

Let us know what you do to show your kids love!

Sincerely, Tee

My Kid has no Chill…NONE

I kid you not, I think he will run away if I do not chase after him!

wild child

Toddler (definition): a little human placed on earth to test your patience and make a mess.

Parenthood has definitely changed me . I remember spending all of my free time sleeping, changing my hair ever so often, and shopping ; prior to motherhood.  If only I can have an uninterrupted minute nowadays.

K: “Mummy”

K: “Mummy”

K: “Mummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!”

Me: “Yes Kael”

K: “Uppppp”

Me: “But I don’t want to get up right now, I want to be lazy”

Try telling that to a toddler who wants you to go outside with him to pick up his car that he threw out the window, along with most of his other toys.

Is this how all toddlers behave? Is my toddler just extra? Is it normal to have an energy filled, mess making, patience testing, little human that you love so much send you a bit crazy? I am starting to think that I got the no-chill kid.

Don’t get me wrong, my kid is awesome! He is the most loving, brave, adventurous child. But dang, it’s a lot of work trying to keep up.

Maybe its me and not him. Maybe he thinks I am an impatient, afraid of a little mess, not energized enough big human here to restrain his fun lol.

I am laughing writing this because I love all of it. I cannot imagine life not having my NO-CHILL little human! His cute mischief smile puts a smile on my face all the time. This stage will only last for so long, plus there is the terrible 2’s they call it right? We are approaching that so wish us luck!

What is your toddler’s personality? Share with us and let us know that we are not going a bit crazy alone….

Sincerely, Tee

How well do you do it?

Not “THAT” it, relax lol…

How well do really you take care of your health?


womens health

As a working mom, your plate is usually full; before and after work- duty there is mama- duty. Basically you end up changing out of your work clothes around 9pm when your kid is asleep (hopefully).

I know I’m not a health freak but I also didn’t realize how much I was completely neglecting myself until recently. Day 5 of being sick I decided to visit the doctor. I waited 5 days for medical attention for myself, whereas the first sign of illness with my son I go to the emergency room immediately; forget that whole “wait 24- 48 hours with a fever” thing. Don’t mess with my baby’s health! But what about mine?

One thing I did learn by force was that I was unable to take care of my son fully if I am not happy and healthy. This does not mean that parents are not allowed to get ill; however we need to keep in mind that our health and well-being affect theirs. This is a motivating thought to keep in mind when we make decisions about our health and diet.

I usually make joke about my son’s lunch-bag being ‘lit’. Can you imagine he is guaranteed a well-rounded diet (and then some!) everyday while we don’t even bother putting the same effort towards my daily diet half the time.

I watch people I know take medication and continue to smoke, I listen to stories of other persons who refuse to visit the doctor because “they don’t know what they’re doing”.

But what are you doing?

I am just as guilty, but the following things I plan to do to be more vigilant are:

  1. Stop postponing Pap Smears…..ughh
  2. Don’t just buy vitamins for the kids, get yourself some too!
  3. Fix yourself a good breakfast; pack it to go if you don’t have time to eat at home.
  4.  Take time out of your day to do something beneficial for yourself.
  5. Be a friend to another woman; she probably need it.

Happy International Women’s Day to the woman reading this post on 8th March, 2018! 

Sincerely, Tee

How the HELL did she do that!?

Wait, I’m over here struggling to fit comfortably in my pre-pregnancy jeans 18 months postpartum with my one and only child; and this celebrity mama is in a bikini after baby number 3!


“All women’s body is different, every one can do it, just get a postpartum belly band”….blah blah blah.

Fact is, motherhood changes your life. Your time and Your needs are usually on the back burner while Your wants are thrown out the window, more like in the trash, then the trash gets taken away forever. Okay, maybe I am being dramatic lol!

Seriously though, it is difficult finding yourself as a woman after becoming a mother. Alone time is limited and you await your kid’s bedtime to have a long bath in peace.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my baby to the moon and back! But can I have a minute? or 5? or 2 hours to go to the gym three times  week?

Taking time for yourself may even feel selfish.

tired mom

How many times have you heard this? Plus I definitely leave home without looking in the mirror more times than I should. There is a constant battle between wanting to remain chubby and getting your ‘snapback’.

A word for you fellow mamas out there, this stage will not last forever even though it sure feels like it. In the meanwhile, do things to improve yourself  that takes minimum effort and time. Simple things to make your life easier and a bit healthier include the following:

  1. Change your diet– you can start with snacks. I love to snack so I switched the cupcakes and banana bread for mixed granola packs….some even come with yogurt and chocolate bits!Exotica Food Label Detective
  2. Plan your meals ahead– if you fail to prepare your own meals, chances are you will purchase something very yummy and unhealthy for lunch. I try to carry lunch to work at least 3-4 times a week; even if it’s the same thing!
  3. Create a schedule– listen, kids  will stay up all night if you let them be. For your sanity, set their bath, dinner and bedtime so that you have a moment to unwind on afternoons This give you time to workout if you choose to.
  4. Don’t pressure yourself due to your lifestyle, it may not be an option to visit the gym multiple times per week, that’s okay pull up Pinterest and do a home workout.
  5. Choose water– drink it, a lot  of it. If you’re not a fan of the plain taste , try fruit infused water.

In the midst of it all, enjoy the moment. With a happy toddler who drives me crazy and melts my heart at the same time, I will not change anything for the world.

P.S. I’m over here working on my snapback!

Sincerely, Tee