But how?

Yeah you can stay, but this is my way,

You can stay , but you’ll just be in my way.

You can stay, but I’m just tolerating you,

You can stay but I really can’t stand you.

Sure you can stay, if you must…

Yes sure stay, even though it will cost!

Do you have to stay? Don’t feel obligated to…

Okay maybe I should go, the signs are pointing so,

Yeah you can go if you want to, I’m not going to force you.


I think I’ll just leave; give you a sense of relief.



Now that I’m gone, the pressure is no more,

Now that I’m gone, the show must go on.

But how?

I didn’t TELL you to leave, you did so on your own.

Oh… pushing me to the door must have been all for show.

Sincerely, Tee